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Q: je n’ai pas encore de date d’Aliyah.est ce qu’il est trop tot pour faire une estimation visuelle?

R: même si vous n’avez pas encore de date éxacte de voyage, nous pouvons encore faire l’éstimation visuelle.

Q: je ne vais pas avoir une adresse en Israël jusqu’à mon arrivée.puis-je déjà organiser un chargement?

R:nous pouvons charger et transporter vos biens meme sans destination. Bien sur que nous ne pouvons pas livrer la marchandise sans destination. Demander a votre spécialiste d’Aliyah pour avoir plus de détails.

Q: pourquoi mes marchandises doivent être assurées?

R: l’assurance Reason Global des marchandises determinées, assurer de la valeur de remplacement a déstination ainsi vous devriez assurer vos biens sur la somme qu’il couterait pour en acheter un nouveau ici en Israël. Si vous n’avez aucunes idées des prix ici en Israël demander a votre spécialiste d’Aliyah des magasins en ligne ou directes genérales pour différence de prix.

Q: je recois une subvention d’une organisation pour aider a payer mon éxpedition d’Aliyah , mais je n’aurrais par l’argent jusqu’après le premier versement due.est ce que les conditions sont flexibles?

R: nos conditions sont assez strict cependant laisser savoir votre spécialiste d’éxpedition d’Aliyah quelle organisation fournie la subvention ou le prêt. Les chances sont bonnes que nous pouvons travailler avec eux pour vous aider avec votre éxpedition d’Aliyah. Tout fois le paiement est du avant la livraison, alors s’il vous plait assuer vous la capacité de payer avant l’éxpedition.

Q: I do not yet have a date for Aliyah. Is it too early to do a visual estimate?

A: Even if you don’t have your exact flying date, we can still perform the visual estimate.

Q: I won’t have an address in Israel until after I get there. Can I still arrange pick-up?

A: We can pick up and even ship your goods without a final destination. Obviously we can’t deliver the goods without a final destination. Please ask your Aliyah Shipping specialist for more details.

Q: What should my goods be insured for?

A: UTS Insurance specifies goods be insured for “Replacement Value at Destination” so you should insure your goods for what it would cost to buy a new one here in Israel. If you have no idea of prices here in Israel, ask your Aliyah Shipping Specialist for online stores, or general guidelines for price differences.

Q: I’m getting a grant from an organization to help pay for my Aliyah shipping, but I won’t get the money until after the first payment is due. Are the terms flexible?

A: Our terms are pretty strict; however please let your Aliyah Shipping Specialist know which organization is supplying the grant or loan. Chances are good we can work with them to help you with shipping for Aliyah. Ultimately, however, the final payment is due before delivery, so please make sure you have the ability to pay before you ship.

Where can I buy 220 volt appliances in the US?

The 220 volt stores:


George Kunst or Yisrael


(718) 786-9990


Avi Fiegerlstein

Bondy Export Corp

(212) 925-7785

[email protected]

How can I get an exemption for Custom Duties?

If you do not have an exemption as a “returning resident,” new immigrant, or as a diplomat, you may be eligible for an exemption from those countries with whom Israel has a free trade agreement.  If there is such an agreement and the goods you are shipping are manufactured in the same country as the country of export, you will need an Certificate of Origin.  Some countries have a special form and only these forms are accepted by Israeli Customs.


In the US, it is called Certificate of Origin for Free Trade with Israel.


In Europe, it is called a Eur1.

Q: What tips do you have for the day of the delivery of my shipment?

1.  Children and pets do not “mix” well with movers.  If at all possible, leave them with friends or neighbors while your goods are being delivered.

2.  The crew will place every box and package in the room you want.

3.  They will unwrap large appliances and large furniture and remove the debris on the delivery day.  (As you unpack boxes, you should discard the boxes in either a recycling bin or the trash bin – if you ask us to return to discard debris, there will be a charge.)

4.   One person with a copy of the packing list should stand at the end of the truck as it is unloaded.  As each item is unloaded, the crew will call out the number and that number should be checked off on the “bingo” sheet or the packing list.  Any external damage should be noted on the bingo sheet or packing list.

5.  Please call your shipping consultant if anything comes up during delivery and of course, let them know if there is any damage (hopefully not) so they can help with an insurance claim.

What is the difference between Total Loss insurance and All Risk Coverage?


“Total Loss” is just that – it will cover catastrophic loss such as the container / boat sinking, the truck turning over, the crane operator dropping the container at port and if a hold is poked in the container and there is water damage.  It will not cover a broken plate or broken leg of a table.


“All Risk” will cover all the above plus things like a broken plate, etc. etc if we have “professionally packed” it.  In short, all risks are covered.  As you can see below, based on the size of the deductible, your premium will go up or down.  You will declare the value of your goods and then payment is calculated based on the premium / deductible combination you choose.

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